Sorry for the spam of blogs this week, but I’m writing things down as they come into mind…
We all do it. Lying is a basic funtion in our bodies. Lying is never the best answer to any question. But if the answer is a secret, than lying does help. But…if you think you might regret doing not tellign the truth…than the best answer to that problem is to tell teh turth. 
But sometimes it’s a secret and you may not trust the person. What do you do? Isntead of lying to them int eh face, you stall or get thier attention elsewhere. That way your not lying to them and your secret’s safe. Or the easist way to aswer a question like "Can you tell me who you like?" or etc. is with a "No".  straight direct answer is better than a lie. But at some times lying is best. Like if the real answer woudl hurt the person in a way than lying abou tit would be a better choice, but how woudl you eventually tell teh perosn the turth? Lying can cause lots of things to happening.
Some peopel think lying is a great way to become popular. People liek Harry and Gordon do this a lot. They lie about something and it gets them attention. Like Gordon’s lie today. He said he coudl play this really hard song on Guitar Hero on expert without ay mistakes. And as we all know, it was a big fat lie. He doesn’t even play Guitar hero.
I’ll cut this blog short since I have somethign to do.
If anyone you are wondering where I foudn all these topics and ideas from, ell I well not lie or tell the truth. I’ll stall. And I’ll give you a hint. I’m gettign ideas from…"Somebody"
And Guessing doesn’t get you anywhere.
Please Note that I’m not responsible if someone hurts your feelings real bad because I told them not to lie. If any mental ingury is caused by this. I’ll try and help. But from what I know, I don’t think it would work.
My next blog will probably be about…
So Until then…Farewell,