This is probably the shortest day we had, so yea. =P And also, for the grade 7’s out there who want a copy of Tim’s Movie, there is a grade 7 sign up sheet that being passed around. :]
Well, day three at camp was boring…
I woke up at 6 am [Yea,it was planned.] Me and Kevin C planned to wake up at 5 am with my watch’s alarm, but it didn’t quite work out…D: Surprisingly, we were the first bunch of people awake and outside. I stayed in to pack up, while Kevin C went for his "meeting". No more information will be added to the morning routine as it contains "personal" things. And not my "personal" things, it’s Kevin’s.
Yea as usual I can’t remember what we had for breakfast…D: So go ask May or someone who does. But the cereal is addicting. 8D
Morning activities for Group A…
The only block: ODLS Fire Building
Note: ODLS stands for Outdoor Life Skills
ODLS[Yea Wtf right?] Fire Building
Well basically as you can see, we’re learning about fire making. We were taught the basics about how to make a fire. I’ll list some facts.
-Always use dry wood, wet wood will not light
-Start by collecting some thin strips of wood [tinder]
-Than slowly get bigger sticks
-Always start the fire with tinder
-Moss only gives out a LOT of gas [and it stings your throat]
-Dry leaves is a good way to begin a fire, but it a horrible way to keep it alive
-Feeding it air always helps
Well thats some facts about buyilding fires, now lets get on wiht what happened…We were originaly suppose to split up into 3 groups but somehow it ended up into 5 groups of 3. I ended up with Sonya and Vanessa. And to let you guys know, we used matches to start the fires. And I’ll be a bitch and ruin the entire story as I’m too lazy to type it all out, none of the fires worked.
And back to 10 minutes of free time before lunch begins! :]
Luckily for you guys, I remembered what lunch was, It was fried chicken with rice. The chicken had too many bones, and the rice was just plain rice. D:
Than it comes to the "NO WAII WE HAVE TO LEAVE!" part.
Well, they told us we had one more activity we have to do. And it was something that has been never done in camp Elphinestone ever. I’ll just lay it out first thing, I don’t believe them. Why? You’ll find out soon enough.
We played a "CTF" style game. Only instead of Flags, they were rocks painted gold… and there was like…40+ rocks O.o"
The teams were boys against girls. As usual, I ended up being a medic. And a ended up dieing trying to save Taylor/Allen. And FYI, I died in front of teh safe zone…D: And the boys ended up winning :]
The reason why I don’t believe them is that they said during lunch that they searched it up on the internet and they said it was ilegal to play this game in some countries. I’m serious, how does a rock style CTF illegal? :O and…with 40+ prepainted golden rocks :O Like no way. YOu have to do better than that to fool me Elphinstone!
Post Script: I forgot to mention that on Camp Day Two, I smashed a birdie into Tiffany’s throat =P Sorry. And I’ll be sending the pictures my crappy camera took when I find time and enough motivation to do it.