Sometimes Life sucks. And some times it rocks. But all the other times, it’s normal.
Whats normal you ask? Well normal can stand for anything. To me, it’s a even mix of good and bad. So if you get hit on the head, you might sink a shoot into the basketball hoop. Thats my way of thinking. I know not everyoen has the same way of thinking.
But sometimes, life just ISN’T fair. Such as karma. I say that I believe in karma, but to all you readers out there. I actually don’t, Why you may ask? That ’cause there are many times were I do something good, and I only get bad and when I do something bad On ly bad comes to me. To some people, the "doing bad" thing might be put under karma. But to me, I just see it as unlucky.
Luck is another thing believed by us. Don’t ask me If I believe in Luck or not. Because at sometimes I do and at sometimes I don’t. At most times, I do. Thats because I Suck. Luck is one thing that helps other onvercome this horrible sickness[Lawl] known as Sucking like crap. Overcoming that sickness is easy. As everyone has a unique talent. [EG: Katie and her scary perfect anime drawings *twitch*] And I believe that everyone has on topic that the excelle at so when doing that activity luck is only 1% of what determines their future. [I sound like a fortune teller now O.o"] But when your not participating in that certian activity, your natural talent may not prove useful. And example would be… Pretend we have a person named David. David excelles at Pysical Education but when it comes to math he fails. Why? Thats because Pysical Education is his strong suit, not math. Also, P.E Does nothing that helps you understand math. Like what does being able to throw the frisbee far and straight and fast do anythign to help solve "If X=Pi*Pi what does X*X/4.5*the square root of 2007 equal? Simplify." Sorry, for the math equation. I don’t think I could do that fast enough D: [And yes I can do that].
Than there are ghosts, rumors, Vampires and such. But I won’t get to all tht nonseness as that woudl kill my brain to think about all that let alone type it out. Sorry if anyone thinks I am either Hyper, Annoying, Not actign as myself, using big words, Using Word skills[O.o] or anything else. If you wonder why, I’m just very happy and full of energy.