For some it’s a life changer and for others its not.
For others it the worst part of their lives. For others it’s the best thing.
To me It’s one of the times where it is more depressign than encouraging. High school doesn’t just mean that we’re getting more homework and less time to paly. But it also means to loss of some friends and the gain of some new ones. Like for some people, they lose their best friend, and for others they lose none of their friends. Since DLG is in TWO catchment areas students will be sent to different schools dependign where you live. If you live on the west side of granville, you have an automatic spot in Magee, but if you were on the East side of granville, you’d be in Churchill. This sometimes causes others to become an emotional wreck. Because some people lose friends and some other people lose the lvoe of their life. Highschool is an very emotional time period for grade 7’s. I hope that we have a mininuim amount of emotional problems this year.
But we have to look ahead, stop thinking about the past and look and teh future. Don’t look and hard times and look at the good times you enjoyed with others. Thsi way we might be able to avoid these horrible times.
Instead of grieving aobut the lose of your friend, think about all the new friends you’d make.
Instead of feeling heart broken ’cause your crush left, think aobu tthe endless possible new people you’d meet and fall in love with.
During this time, we should all be thankful and enjoy the rest of grade 7. And not spendign the rest of the time grieving over the loss of a friend or loved one.
Also if you have MSN, you could always talk to each other  using MSn and webcams. Life doesn’t suck when you have technology.
Now get off your chairs and go enjoy the rest of today! :]
Trying Follow My Own Guidlines,