Well Day two is the longest day we had at Camp so It will take some time to type it all out. So please don’t Ask when will I be done. And to those of you who are waiting to watch Tim’s movie, It’s finally done. So go watch it!
Well, On that day I woke up at 6:30am. And what was funny was that Kevin C woke up the second right after me. After we BOTH got dressed, we went to see if there was anyone in the showers.  We knocked. And May came out of the showers…Which meant that it was being occupied by girls. I think they were in it from 5:45…which is a very long time. Well, we went to the backfield area and hanged around there.
Breakfast was at 8 O’clock. We had bagels with cream cheese and boiled eggs and sasuges. There was also cereal there too.
Well the morning activities for group A was…
First Block: Kayaking
Second Block: Around the World Hike
Well, kayaking was really fun. But the fact that the water cold give you frostbite in a matter of seconds, it wasn’t so enjoyable. We had to drag our Kayaks into the freezing cold water and jump into it. Than we had somethign around 20~40 minutes kayaking around the dock. It was a moment of peace and tranquility there. But it was fell apart when Johnson came outa nowhere and used him paddle to splash a huge amout of water on me. Thats how I got soaked. Other people got soaked in the same manner, while others just got soaked through the water landing into thier kayaks. After we got out, everyone was cold, soaked, and dirty.
Around The World Hike
This was liek the Big Tree Hike but different in some ways. We were just hiking up a hilling and coming down while playing games. The games included Camaflouge and a new one called Flash Flood. In Flash Flood you have 10 seconds to get at least 2~3 feet off the ground. At the beginning, we were told that we were goigna round the world and we had to name where we were going. Sounds hard eh? But Katie figured out that we were goign to places which the first letter spells "Around The World".
Than we had lunch. I can’t remember what we had So I’ll post it once I remember…D: Well It was very good. :]
Than we were told we had a freebie block which meathat there were 4 choices and we could sign up for any of them and participate in it after the afternoon activities.
The freebie activities were…Archery, American FootBall, Shelter Building and Basketball. But American football was knocked down since there wasn’t enough people.
Afternoon Activities for Group A…
Block One: Archery
Block Two: Canoeing [Did I spell it right? =P]
Yes Archery, not with real bow and arrows or THAT would be friking awesome and woudl hurt alot…Not that the arrows they used wouldn’t hurt like hell…Well, There were 4 targets with two in the front and two in the back. The right one in the front had2 ballons, one yellow on red. The one on teh left front side had three. One Black, one Green and one yellow. the Far oens had 1 each. The far right one had a black one and the left one had a pink one. I don’t remember who popped each but I remember some things…
1. Nick popped two ballons one yellow one black.
2. Katie popped one Ballon
3. All the ones in teh front were popped
4. The ones in the back weren’t popped.
And thats all I remember. I think Tina and Sony apopped one each but I’m not sure, go ask them :]
Canoeing is almost the same as Kayakaing only instead of one person, there are two people.  the person in the back controls turns and the person in the front controls speed. The front also tells the back what to do. As they are in the front and can see ahead of them. On that day, canoeing was a horrible idea. The current was way to strong. So If you just stop paddling for 1 second, you would be swept away into the ocean. Luckily for me I was not swpet away but one canoe was. The Canoe contained Katie and Angeline. They had crappy teamwork [No Offence] and ended up falling behind a LOT. They were eventually swpet away by the current and Sonya and the Instructor [I think it was Leslie] went to go fetch them and ended up being swept away too. That was the only time at camp that I was scaried. Scaried that somone got hurt or something.
While they were still stranded on another part of camp, we went back to camp. Everyone was waiting for the freebie signup sheet to sign up for archery. I didn’t bother to line up as everyoen was killing  each other to get a place in line for archery. I ended up signing up for Basketball.
Dinner was fine but I dont’ remember what it was either, I’ll added it when I can. I was told that May took pictures of the meals we ate so you could ask her.
After lunch was freebie time. my team played basketball and got our ass kicked. :D Oh and I have to note that Yuchen was being surprisingly happy and cheerful all day long…:O
Than we had a "scavenger hunt". It wasn’t really a scavenger hunt it was more like a list of things to do. each cabin was given a list of thigns to do and we had to try to do as many as possible.
Than we had this "Skit in a bag" game.  From our hunt, each cabin was given an amout of money and was told to split it evenly. Taylor and Nick ended up with 5 dollars each. While everyone else in my cabin had 10. Than we mad to be mixed around with outher peopel and for a group. I ended up wiht…
and we had t buy a line to say and buy a bag with things in it and make a 2 minute skit with them…
We ended up with a skit about a girl[Tiffany] whose tellign her friend[Yuchen] about what ahppened on her trip at the Zoo.
First she talks about how she saw a little girl[Me D:] Being mistaken as a boy by a Hobo[Allen] Sellign stolen things. Than the Hobo gets captured by security[Wei And Sapol]. Than a little boy buys a toy lion and it transforms into a real one [Harry]. But it isn’t long until the lion tamer[Bob] comes and beats teh Lion up. Than she tells Him to look out his window. There Yuchen Sees the lion tamer gettign chased by the lion. And he play ends there.
Than we got a night time snack which was a ROCK HARD cookie.
At least the night wasn’t so bad, ’cause this time Kevin C was ranting about Janice or anything. But Brendan went to sleep with Kevin C on teh top bunk for a while before going back down to his bottom bunk.
And thats the end on day two at Camp.