Yep, this is what I saw and did while at Camp. OTher pople have different experiences so please don’t say "OH *Insert Name here* DID SO AND SO INSTEAD OF WHAT YOU SAID!" Or "LIES! LIES!" IF you want to be a Fag. Just go somewhere else and be one.
Day 1…
After we left the classroom, we were suppose to play a game of CTF [Caputre the Flag] on the gravel field with the other grade 7’s. But for some reason we went to load our luggage on the bus first. And eventually we didn’t get to play at all. [For Ms. Scott’s class] On the bus I sat with…Wait. I don’t remember anymore =P. Well I was playing a guessing game. We eventually got to the ferry and it took about 45 minutes to get from the terminal to Horeshal Bay. On the ferry Some people went outside and some other people stayed inside. There was a gift shop, an arcade, White Spot, and some other things on the ferry. Mainly people went outside to enjoy the fresh air and later they went inside to buy food [EG: Fries Burgers Pop Chips]. Well, after wegot off the ferry we had to walk like 1~2 km [Approximatly] and that took like 30 minutes. It was very hard for the peopel that carry bags. Lucky peopel had wheels so they could just pull it. Well, I’ll just say that the hike was exahusting.
When we got to the camp site. we were told our cabins and our cabinmates. I was in Cabin 6. And so was Rolland, Wei, Justin, Kevin C. Brendan, Nick, and Taylor. We had lunch…which on that day was Nachoes. Pretty good :] Well after that we had to be seperated AGAIN. And this time into activity groups. There were 4 groups…groups A,B,C,D. i was in Group A. I don’t’ know where everyone else was, but I can name some…
Kevin C=C
And so on. I’ll just name some but not all. =P Well Group A’s activities for the day was…
First period: Team Building Activities.
Second Period/Block: The Big Tree Hike.
Team Building
To me, this was probably the worst activity ever. We played 3 games [I think].
The first game was something called "Island" This is where the teacher places a small peice of plastic on the ground and everyone has to be standing/Sitting/Whatever on it. As long as everyone is on than your fine. The second game was very…uh…lets leave it as disturbing. You had to form a circle where your shoulders were touching the people’s shoulders beside you. And than you all turn left. And here is the "disturbing part" You had to sit on the person’s behind you on their lap. And my group had to do it several times before we could last 10 seconds. The person that usually messed up first was Johnson and Nancy. Thats because they had to sit oin each other’s lap. The third game was probably the easiest. It was one of those "Learn more about your class mates" kind of game. You just had to state your name and and state 3 facts about yourself. But on of the facts has t be fake. You could even made your name fake! And it was up to your team mates to detemine which one is fake.
The Big Tree Hike
We were just basically taking a hike to see a HUGE [And old too. I think it should be renamed as "The Old Tree Hike" as its not so huge.] tree. But it’s not jsut a normal hike. DLG has requested the instructor to teach us "The Way of The Ninja". The way it went was that if teh instructor yelled "Ninja coming" we all have to knee on the floor. And if he yells Camaflouge, you ahve to hide in the next 15 seconds. During Camaflouge, he might ask you to make animal noises or tell him how many fingers are in teh air. But his secret movesi when he yells "Switch them up"! thats when you jump out of your hiding place, touch his hand, and find a new hiding place. He will continue to use these tricks against you until your foudn or until times up. But I haven’t heard about any group that survived long enough to move on.
Than we had Supper. And gues what? It was at 5. We had this spaghetti with meat and this weird sauce. [Thanks to Tim] Surprisingly, It was AWESOME. And the awesomeness doesn’t end there, We had Black Forest Cake for dessert! :] 
Than we had this giant game of CTF [Hope you guys remembered what that meant!] and we had FACE PAINT!!!!! :D I was on blue team. The teams were split like this.
Blue Team :Groups A and B
Read Team: Groups C and D
And teh results were that Red team won. Congratulations red team! :D
Than we got to go to a Camp fire! And sing songs.
Such as…
The Banana Song
The Frog Song
The Tree Song
The Animal Song
And some other ones.
And also…we had a guitarist come and play two songs for us. The songs were called…"How to Save A Life" And "How Wonderful Life is Now That Your In the World". The are both really awesome songs. So go listen to them on youtube sometime.
At night…It was horrible. In Cabin 1, there were flash lights EVERYWHERE. And Cabin 4 was like a Disco ball.And kevin C…was just talking about Janice and things like…"OH MY GOD! CABIN ONE IS FLASHING THEIR FLASHLIGTS!" I’m serious, if Kevin C wasn’t my friend, I would have…lets just say something NOT pretty. Well, Than fro a while all went well intil everyone started coming out of their cabins and talking outside. And Mercedes’ even screamed. And after all tha Crap we finally all fell asleep.
And Tim filmed during Camp and he is currently making a video so you can ask him for a copy later. He is only done a ttrailer. So don’t expect him to be done by tomorrow. Because we all have a life and it has it’s up times and down times.
And have a Good Day You All.