Dear Stalkers/Bored people
      As some of you all know, Emo basically means "Emotional" But in slang, also means Dark, Hating the world and bascially hating everything. Some people think it’s "cool" to be Emo but to you all. It’s not. If your beign Emo, you want to be cool, but for a student with a future to stope to the Emo level, it very offencive to the actual "Emo"s. You might "pretend" to be Emo by "cutting" you self with a sizzor that only leaves white lines behind. To all you people who do this for fun, or do this just to annoy the "emo" people, I suggest to pick up your life and get moving. Emo people don’t actually "cut" themselves, it’s basically a sterotype that everyoen uses.
     Truth be told, all emo people have a life just like you, lived in a regular house like you, and had friends, just like you. So their basically no different from you, yet you people treat them in such a manner that they can’t take it anymore, and since the anger they have is stored inside them, they unleash it on themselves, blamming them for where they are now. They just all had been pushed by the same feelings I have and had. And those feelings are, humiliation, Depression, heartbroken and defeat.
     I won’t even continue this blog anymore, as it hurts me to even type this out. Basically, i just want you all the know that teh main reason for the homeless peopel and "emo"s are Bullies. You know you bully, just this morning I saw plenty of bullying an enough tears shead. Don’ tto denie bullying, every single person I know has bullied at least 5 times. I have. And so have you. Every person that comments on my blog does, and they know it. And we’re partcially responsible for this madness.
     There is a difference between "Depression" and Going "Emo". I believe that everyone goes through the "Depression" period sooner or later as I went through mine today. So the clear things up, I would just like to say that…
You all should think before you do something that might change someones or your life forever…
Post Script: If you experince and of the "Emo" or "Depression" emotions contact an aldult or someone you trust or someone who has gone throgh the stage before. Also please refrain from listenign to the following types or certian songs: With You, or any Chris Brown, Love songs, Broken Heart songs [Eg: Bleeding Love], Emo songs, Hard core rock, Punk music, Goth music, romantic music, or any music that reminds you of old times.
Now have a nice evening all.