Yeesh, Have you gotten your FSA back yet? If you haven’t you’ll probably get your tomorrow. And when you look inside, you see your (evil) booklet and the marks on it. All I have to say is, Who else did extremly bad on their handwritten FSA? And to all those that forgot what the FSA was, Its the Foundation SKills Assessment. They test you in 4 different subjects:
Reading omprehension,
Persuasive Writting
INformal Essay,
and Two Math problems.
But for some reason, the math problems were sperate. WEll yea, why’d did they have to send it back to us? I mean, it doesn’t have to do with any of our grades, If we got a bad makr, Our Parents will get mad, If we get a good one, nothing ahppens. So whats the entire point of actually getting it back other than feeling sad and angery at your FSA and annoyed at the goverment for sending it back to you.
Well, i guess you know what I’m gonna do next.  I’m going to ask for your score.
I’d like 5 seperate numbers or the grandtotal out of 20.
Or if you haven’t gotten them yet, Discuss what you think you will get and why.
Also, Do you think the goverment is being a Little bit evil to send us back the crappy FSA?
PS: I got 2,3,2,4,4 which is 15/20. So a 75% which is a C~C+. T-T