Well, so what if I suck at it? I want to see you try to play as well as me on the violin. And if you didn’t know, it was a rant. Your just very sad if you though I actually meant it. and at your "As for voting? J of course. About tiffany eh? KT." You can go hang yourself and your honour, cuz when you come back, There will be one ultra-angery girl and one very annoyed boy to greet you, at the gates of Hell. Just becasue I used Tiffany in my voting choices, doesn’t prove IO like her. So get your facts straight. At your " Evert heard of no pain, no gain?" hell ya I’ve heard of it. Let me ask you this, Have you ever had serious injuries, and was sent to a hospital and not able to come back to DLG? My guess is No, you haven’t. But don’t worry because you will, very soon. :]
And Here is a response from Tiffany:
if you piss me off, i’ll kick you back to china
So don’t act inoccent when you come back. Cuz I’m officaly NOt your friend anymore, now go get a life and use it. I was so right at the begining of the year to NOT become your friend. If you say, I’m just trying to hide the fact that I like Tiffany (That I don’t), lets see you try to handle 34570928347 people thinking I like TIffany, and spreading HUGE rumours about me. I’d guess you’d go insane and start killing everyone who said it. So you see, I;d like to see you try a shot at my life.

The Moral here: Don’t judge someone until you have walked 1 mile in there shoes. But don’t forget to give back their shoes!

(What the Moral means, Don’t judge someone until you have lived their life and not screwed it up. Well, I think thats what it means, or Something in the lines of that :])
That is all.
Anything you people would like to add?
Or anything you would like to say about Alexander? A Grade 6 who thinks he can invade our lives?