Well, the Winner of my last Vote was Canon In D. I apologize to anyone who wanted to vote but couldn’t. I’ll try to strech the time for the next one.
Well, on with the rant…
Well, does everyone here knows what Canon in D is? If you don’t try "Googling" it.
As some of you may know, DLG has a "Strings" program (even though I can’t see why it’s called "strings" and not an orchestra). Well, Ms. Fox (the strings Instructor) gave us a piece called, Theme to Canon in D. At first we were all like "ZOMG I’m BE A PRO NOW!" "THIS SONG IS AWESOME! I CAN’T WAIT TIL PLAY IT!". But in my opion, its a WASTE of time, Doesn’t EVERYONE know the theme to the damn song? IF they do, whats the point of us learnign how to paly it? (I’m ingoring the fact that it is used in Marriges ALOT). And I mean come on! The Cellos have the WORST part possible! 8 DAMNED notes ALL THROUGHOUT THIS DAMN PEICE. And I’d think they’d you INSANE by now! But both of the celloists seem perfectly fine! (except for the fact that they play HORRIBLY). Well, I to me, Canon in D is a great song, but I mean..I memorized it in one stupid shitty day and I didn’t even practice it! WHATS WITH THAT! I DEMAND A BETTER PEICE TO PLAY!!!!!!!! Pachebel, If you can hear me, I want you to know…THAT I FUCKING HATE YOUR STUPID SONG BECAUSE EVER DAMN ASS TEACHER WANTS US TO PLAY IT AND IT MAY SOUND GOOD BUT I T’S SOOO ANNOYING WHEN YOU PLAY IT LIKE 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Note: I HAVE played the full version on Violin before and trust me, It’s 100 times MORE annoying than the theme
PS: I didn’t have much to work on…But it still turned out better than I thought, and if you want to see a funnier rant on Pachebel Canon, go to youtube and search up "Pachebel Rant" and watch the first one. Its way better than mine!
New voteing choices…
A) Homework
B) Taxes
C) Allowance
D) Some sport game (Decide yourself)
E) Google, the anwaser to ALL your questions.
F) Yu-Gi-Oh’s Gayness
G) Skating and how More than Half of my class Sucks at it
H) Nerf guns, and how fun they are
I) Stupid school days where you wear a certian colour
J) how Tiffany can survive 27 hours of anime a week and still get good grades…
Good topic suggestions would be appreceated
Thank you an di hope to see you next week/day
PS: Smoking is good for you! I mean Bad!
Thats All~