I have nothing against The Beat 94.5. It’s even one of my favourite stations! But I can’t stand it that more than 90% of all the songs are about love.
Which sums up 3 letters in my mind, WTH
Not that I don’t enjoy the songs, it’s just that can’t they get a little more original? And if they were all making songs about love for valentines day,they are sadly mistaken, because It’s NOT Valentines day, It’s almost spring break. Some songs like Break The Ice, Low, and etc. may not be about love, but if you listen to the radio as much as I (Yes I do listen to it A LOT), you’ll find out that lots of the songs are about love. E.G: Tongue Tied, With You, Unlove You, Elevator(somewhat), Apologize, Stop and Stare, and etc.
I do like to listen to them too. But I find it VERY annoyign that all I’m listening to is circling around love. I don’t really care about it much, but It’s just getting to me.
I mean come on, I memorized Tongue Tied only after listening to it two times. Not that It’s a good song and I like, it just that I’ve been hearing too much songs on love that If I hear one ,It would probably pop into my head and refuse to leave.
Well, thats all I’m going to rant about today.
My next rant would probably be about…
A) Ice Skating
B) Speacial days at school where you have to wear a certian colour
C) Video Games and how it has taken over this world of ours
D) Any given subject of your choice
E) Homework
F) The crappy part of Cannon in D that we strings people get
G) Lifeless people
H) Some school Event that will happen soon (E.g: Saint Patricks day is coming up, and it’ll probably result in wear green day…>.>)
I need help choosing, vote on your favourite please!
and If no one votes ( which probably WILL happen) I’ll just choose I)
I) How no one in this world cares about others that AREN’T their friends.
That is All~