Anti BUllying Day, hows that gonna help us at all? It’;s like calling a criminal a SUPER ULTRA EVIL DUDE THAT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. Making a weird day like that, ISN’T gonna effect ANYONE. maybe the punishments would be a LITTLE more severe. but it’s not going to change anything.
even if the fine was a stab in the back, EVERYONE would still bully.
Need proof? just look at all my comments on my blog. Whats flaming to you people? Flaming is a way to bully others. Calling others gay is also bullying. And using someones personal apperance to make fun of them (E.G: fat, short, etc) is also bullying. you all might think, I never bully. well check again, because EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD has bullied others. just to name a few bullies that i PERSONALLY hate, May Geline (even though she CAN be nice at times), vannessa (If you read my comments you’ll see why. Never nice at all), Cecilia( mean at school, nice at other times.), and Jack (Personally, I think he is a stuck up bitch). Harshly saying ANYTHING is also know as bullying. I find that the people that are not in the "cool" (also know as the group of people that thinks the world revolves around them) are the ones USUALLY bullied.  Some people that are in the "cool" group are SOMETIMES nice, but usually a total ASS. People calling others lifeless *coughMayGelinecough* just because they haven’t tried/did/know/like a certain thing isn’t "cool" at all. I don’t know how people in the "cool" group, call people lifeless when it ISN’T "cool" at all. This is a important matter, bullies are everwhere, and I know one thing. And thats, that most of the people commenting on my blogs are bullies.
And that stands for ALL of you.
Even the ones I don’t know.
Thats the end of this "rant" on Anti Bullying Day.
BTW: Wearing pink will NOT slove anything. most of the people here will NOT wear pink. Also, why would us boys carry pink clothing with us?
PS:Half of the bullies in real life that bully you are the opposite sex(gender, for those of you idiots out there). So for all of you bullies out there, I have two words for you all. Sexist Bitches.