Ultimate, its really fun!
I don’t knwo why half of my friends/classmates HATE it
I’d chose it over my computer ANY day, well maybe not ANY day…>.>
If it’s cuz you suck at frisbee, than you should just practice more O.o simple as that.
If you just dun like it for who-ever knows what, well, thats your fault if ur missing all the fun.
"There are time that sorry works, and there are time that it doesn’t." Right now its a time that it DOESN’T
take that as a warning for the futureif you ever suddenly have a feelg to throw a broom at sum1. If it’s at me, you’ll regret ever coming to DLG in the first place.
I’ve scaried Marcus like hell, he avoids me whenever possible, and I’m not stopping til he dies.
thats what ppl deserve.
back to Ultimate. If you think you’ll get hurt when ur playing, than just listen to others,stay as far as you can away from the frisbee so it doesn”t whack you in the head, but close enough so you can still play.  And, If you like to play solo, than this game is NOT for you. It’s a game of teamwork, and cooperation. If you dun listen to your teammates when they give HELPFUL advice *CoughMaygel’sanidiotforNOtlisteningtogracecough* your NOT gonna win. I’ll take our game against May Gel’s team. If you’d listened to Grace’s advice *coughwitchyoushouldofcough*you’d at least get 2 or 3 points instead of none. and the fact that you HATE me, you could use it to ur advantage, you could throw the frissbee right AT me. It would hhurt, but you wouldn’t CARE since you HATE me. and I’ll be down, and It’s easier to score from than on. Also, you could’ve WORKED on ur defence at LITTLE more *cough wayyyymorecough* since Kenny was ALWAYS open, Alexander, ALWAYS open, Ivan, Always Open, and me, ALWAYS gets the frisbee. I mean cmon, a random whip at Mr. Sighn? WTH, his over there, not in my goal post…>.> Throw it the right wat plz.
thats the end of my rant *coughnotyetcough* about Ultimate. I hope you’ll ACTUALLY learn sumthing about Ultimate now. and, comments that are "OMG I CAN HIT YOU! YAYS" are just plain stupid, it was a example, not an idea, yo’ll get called for that, and the person you hit, would be ENRAGED.
That is All~