Either you are really bored, or your curious about a blog.
Which also means that…your life less. If your really bored than go do sumthing. If ur curious about a blog thats starts with Bleh~, not even chirs Norris can save you now.
Which also brings me to …myself. If I’m bored enough to type this blog, thna I’m lifeless too. And whats a blog to you? I think they’re just a peice of usless data used to type random stuff like this.
Even telling sum1 that ur gonna kill them would be more interseting than typing out sum random crap that no one needs to know.
Just like this blog.
Just like…how I’m about to stab Marcus on Monday.
and Poems are attacking me, they are killing my braincells and replacing them with poemcells.
See? That was sum totally useless crap that no one needs to know. And yes, I’m lifeless idiot.
And To Cecelia (If you reads This) your "Go Converse!" was an example of how stupid our blogs are. I mean, come on! Yelling "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CONVERSE!!! WWHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO CONVERSE!" Doesn’t help anybody. Even Vannessa’s MMORPG game guide was more useful than that. Or if it was meant o be Funny, like Tiffany’s "All About N00bs" is okay. But anyhting random is a two thumbs down.
Just like this random crapy blog. 2 thimbs down. and If you were bored enough to read thsi blog with SUCH a crappy title,(I mean come on people, "Insert Crappy Title Here"?? WTH) than you shoudl get off the computer and go do sumthing useful to the world or go jump off a cliff for all I could care.
And yes, I’m Emo and An Idiot.
U PHAIL AT SPILIN. See? Random things SUCK SHIT.
And if ANYONE saids ikt’s not cool to swear, I bet you’ve probably at least sweared once before so, SHUT THE FUCKIN HELL UP YOU MORONS.
That is All.