This is like a sequal to Vannessa’s and Tiffany’s posts on computer games and it’s players.
The only difference is that I’m going to talk about Hackers, scammers and Botters.
Hackers are easily identifible by their abilty to do something impossible in the game.
Like in Maplestory, you could be flying, or kill strong monsters at level 1 and not taking any damage at all.
In Kartriders, The person could have a hack that allows them to stay in boost forever.
In Gaia, Earning INCREDIBLE amounts of gold all the time. (EG: Earning 1 million gold person minute)
Hackers are also identified by their knowledge of the game. Since they hack, they know abosolotly nothing about the actual game.
(EG: You could ask them where (Insert random thing here) is, but they won’t tell you, even though its not a secret.
But be careful, some hackers do have knowledge about the game. The only possible answers are…
1. They played without hacks for sometime than changed to hacks
2. They use a website that has all the information about the game
3. Your no actualy talking to them, they are copying what thier friend said to them
4. Someone else is typing
5. This person isn’t a hacker
Now that most of the information you need to know about on Hackers is through, please look at the next section, Botters.
Botters are people who are too lazy to do stuff for themsleves and whom downloads a program to do all the work for them.
Gaia: Automatic refreshers, auto fish catchers and puzzle bots.
Maplestory: Bot hack (allows your character to move and play by itself), Moneymaker hack (This hack has been offical Removed from all websites. Allows your character to make meso(the curency) without doing anything)
Botters are harder to identify than the Hacker, but they all lack one important thing. A mind. If you ask them something, or Pm them or interact with them in any way, they will not respon. That tells you that either they’re ignoring you, or they are botting.
But you can find out if they are ignoring you by doing something totally weird or absurd. Like kill yourself, Yell random things like "Flower Power" or "I Like Cheese" or my most personal favourite, "I’m a insane Ninja Child!"
Now, lets take a look at the last section, Scammers.
Scammers are dirty no good bitches that ruin everyone’s day and happyness. They appear as a reagular player but offers you something way better than anyone else.
The Way of the Scammer
1. They seem REALLY nice at first than turn all evil on you.
2. They are very hard to tell apart from other players when not trying to trick you.
3. Most of them have proper grammer istead of the txt-talk ppl (which I’ll tell you more about next time.)
They are easily identified by these senteces or pharses:
"Free Gold! Follow Me For Free Gold!"
"Lets play a drop game! I’ll drop something, than you drop something, than I’ll drop something!"
"Buying (Insert random object here) for 9an absurd amount of money!"
That is all for my lastest information on Scammers, Hackers, and Botters.
I hope you will use this information wisely!